Booking Procedure:

Room turn-round will be 24 – 72 hours

to allow time for Deep Cleaning.

Guests will be asked if they or any of their contacts have had COVID-19 or have any symptoms.   Guests will be requested to wear a mask on arrival.

Payment: Payment – Bank transfer, cleared cheque in advance or cash full amount presented in an envelope on arrival. Card Facilities in progress.


Door handles

Door bell


Guests will be asked to phone on arrival prior to entry.   The proprietor will welcome guests at the door wearing a face mask.

Hand Sanitisers provided on arrival and departure.

Signage displayed in Guest rooms and Communal Areas: Requesting Guests to use hand sanitisers provided and reminding them of social distancing and regular hand washing.

All door handles, switches, doorbell and surfaces to be cleaned regularly with Professional Anti-bacterial cleaner.

Registration (Track & Trace)

Pre-order Menu

Registration forms to be completed in Guest Rooms to include forwarding address as legally required for Track and Trace purposes.

A Pre-order and pre-timed breakfast. Individual menus will be provided in Guest Rooms to be collected by hosts, placed in a clear envelope which can be sanitised.

Bannister and Stair rails and Communal Areas

Hand Sanitisers - provided

All communal areas to be deep cleaned after all departures.

Guest Rooms:

Door handles

Light switches


plug sockets

TV Remotes

General surfaces

Guest Welcome Folder

All information laminated/wipeable surfaces

Soft Furnishings

Rooms to be deep cleaned after every departure.

To include all TV remotes placed in clear wipeable/disposable special purpose plastic bags.

All cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial spray after every departure.

All sprayed with specialist cleaner during deep clean following departures.

En-suites En-suites to be deep cleaned prior to turn-round with Professional Anti-bacterial cleaner or bleach.

Breakfast/Breakfast Room:

Door handles

Surfaces – Tables, mats, coasters

Cutlery – individually allocated

Salt & Pepper – individual

Sugar & Milk - individual

Pre-ordered and Pre timed Breakfast

to ensure social distancing .

Table service by Hosts wearing a mask.

Signage to remind Guest to regularly wash hands and be aware of social distancing rules

2 meters between tables (3 available).

A reminder notice on entry to observe distancing rules. Hand sanitiser at entrance.

All surfaces, mats, coasters will be cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner after every breakfast Service.

All breakfast items handled will have been cleaned/sanitised to a high degree of hygiene before and after Breakfast Service.

Guests will be allocated a table and all

items i.e. salt/pepper/sugar/milk will be for their own use during their stay and cleaned after every breakfast service.

A Continental Breakfast can be served in Guest Bedrooms if preferred.

Food & Drink Service:

Fruit Juices, yogurts

Coffee and/or Tea

Fruit salads


Pastries and Toast

Main Course breakfast

Pre-ordered breakfast served by hosts

Juices and hot drinks to be served by the host.

Individual fruit salads served if pre-ordered.

Cereals to be placed in open jars for self service by guests using their own cutlery.   No need to touch jars or boxes etc.


Kitchen/Cooking Area:

Your Breakfast will be prepared and cooked with hygiene as a priority. Masks to be worn and all hygiene practices followed.

All fresh food to be stored in containers in fridges as required by hygiene standards and where necessary pre-packed items will be wiped before placing in fridges/cupboards etc.

Surfaces and Cooking facilities: Oven/Fridges/Freezers deep cleaned regularly.


Check out and Key handover

Keys will be collected and sanitised after each guest departure.

Keys to be left on room numbered board prior to departure.

If Guests develop COVID- 19 symptoms during Stay

Must report symptoms to the Host immediately.

Main symptoms:

  • High temperature
  • new continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Self isolate in their room and request a test.

If confirmed the guest should return home if reasonably able to do so. If not well enough to travel the guest and/or host should contact local health care professionals for advice.



Booking turn-round will be 72 Hours

Payment and Arrival procedures will be as above for Ploughcroft Cottage B&B

The whole cottage will be thoroughly deep cleaned between turn-round prior to arrivals.

With products described above.

Signage and Hand sanitisers will be provided.